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The beautiful birth of Abigail

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'Chris and I attended the Babies in Waiting course and cannot recommend it enough.

As a sufferer of anxiety, mainly health anxiety, labour has always been something I have had a phobia/fear of. I always knew I wanted children but felt scared of going through labour. Of course this fear was built up by society “horror stories” or the media; what I'd seen on T.V or films etc.

The Babies in Waiting hypnobirthing course really taught me a lot and helped realign all my thoughts. It supported me to stop thinking about labour in a negative way and turn negatives into positives. After the course, I can honestly say I was excited for labour and did not fear it at all. We prepared a birth plan and decided we would love a water birth, however we were very open that if a situation were to arise that it might not be possible.

My labour story:
My surges began Tuesday 16th April at home. I had been having niggles/ pains for the day but I knew these were something different. They started around 3:30 pm in the afternoon, I sat and put my hypnobirth audios on and just focused on breathing, visualisations and enjoying the relaxed time at home. These continued all evening and my waters broke at 2 am. We headed to the hospital after being asked to do so and was there around 3:30 am. I was monitored and admitted to the labour room.
Our room was amazing, exactly as I wanted - dimmed lighting, scent and relaxing hypnobirth music. It was like a spa atmosphere in the room which is exactly what I wanted. I was in this room from 4 am until 2 pm labouring. I really really used all my hypnobirth techniques. The breathing techniques got me through each surge and when the surges stepped up, I kept repeating to myself “one surge closer to baby”. I had no pain relief because I just focused on the breathing.
My husband was amazing because there was so much he learnt on the course so he would repeat “remember the visualisations” and do the breathing with me.

Due to our baby being face up and heart rate dropping during surges, we were then told the baby would need to be delivered by c-section. Of course I felt devastated and sad it wouldn’t be natural. However Broomfield were absolutely fantastic and understood my anxiety and desire to birth naturally.

The thought of theatre/c-section really opened up my anxiety / health anxiety and I did admittedly begin to panic. However I would have been a lot worse if it wasn't for the Babies in Waiting course. I just kept using all the methods learnt to keep calm.

As much as I was upset to have a c-section (again not sure why- perhaps society's views on it) I have such a positive birthing story and everything in theatre went amazingly too!

We both are so happy with the Babies in Waiting course. Emily and Jo are so friendly, positive and helpful. The environment of the course is so welcoming and relaxing. The relaxation classes for mummy to be is great too just to realign any stresses and worries and take time out for mum and baby.

Our baby Abigail is here and we still play relaxation music and she loves it.

A massive thank you again because I don’t think I would of got through my labour without panic or anxiety attacks. I had none of that and I have an amazing labour that I will cherish the memories forever.'