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So… you are considering taking the plunge and doing something that you truly love and feel passionate about.  What's holding you back?  Usually it's one word, 'fear'.  Stepping out of the comfort zone and doing something completely different, having your own business, retraining...you know you want to, but something keeps holding you back.


Now could be the perfect time for you to take that leap of faith and have the dream job.  Here's some reasons why.

1) Enjoy the work that you do.

Do you look forward to work?  Does it light you up?  Do you speak with passion and enthusiasm about the job that you do?  No?  Well our teachers do.  We love spreading the word that you CAN enjoy your labour.  That your body is designed for it and that by having trust and confidence in nature that birth is beautiful.  Speaking positively to pregnant couples is such a joy.  They are experiencing one of the most life changing times and Babies in Waiting teachers get to guide, support and listen to them.  Meeting the couples, teaching the course, providing ongoing support - it's all enjoyable.

2) Earn money around family life.

Many of our teachers are Mums.  We are familiar with the juggling act between being a Mum and working.  Our teachers have the flexibility to decide which night of the week they work or whether they want to teach classes at the weekend or during the week or both.  They can still do the school runs and be at the assemblies and earn money during a time that suits their family.  This has always been something of extreme importance to us.  Our families come first.


3) Self-development.

Life is all about learning new things, it’s what makes it exciting.  Do you have the desire to learn something new and take on a brand-new, fresh challenge?  Many of our teachers reflect on aspects of their own lives when undergoing the Babies in Waiting training.  It’s enjoyable and refreshing to take the time to develop yourself.    


4) Make a difference.

When you hear the words … ‘My midwife commented on how relaxed I was when I was labouring.’  Or ‘My husband said that he knew how to support me in labour because of what we learnt on the course.’  Positive, heartfelt feedback from the couples that attend the courses make our job so worth it.  We know we are making a difference to the experience of pregnancy and birth for countless people. 


5) Be a part of a team.

The Babies in Waiting Franchisees are a fun, friendly bunch.  We have regular training and catch ups.  With a Franchise, you are not on your own.  You are a part of a wider team.  There are other people doing the same role as you to seek advice from.  All our team members are incredibly supportive of each other and have the same goal – to spread positivity for pregnancy and birth as far and wide as possiblle.


Want to find out more?  Send us an email to info@babiesinwaiting.co.uk and tell us about yourself.  Training for new team members is March 2020.  Get started on your Babies in Waiting business journey today.