• I will really miss my Pregnancy Relaxation sessions once the baby is here.

  • Tools for life not just for pregnancy.

  • The Babies in Waiting Sessions were amazing and completely turned my fear of childbirth into something positive.

    I was also very impressed with how much emphasis is put on the birthing partner and outlining all the different things which they can do to help on birthing day. Not only has it given Matt a better understanding of what to expect, but it has also given him more confidence and a sense of purpose and involvement on the day (far too often you hear of the birthing partner feeling slightly useless and unsure on how to help).

    I’ve got a pretty rubbish pain threshold and have always assumed that I would go down the drug route during labour but I can honestly say Babies in Waiting have completely changed my ways of thinking and I’m now more confident in the idea of giving birth naturally. Thanks ladies.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the course, brilliant!

  • I can honestly say the Babies in Waiting course is the best thing I have ever done and without it I know I would have succumbed to a medicalised birth, which I really didn’t want and thanks to you didn’t need.

  • We loved the relaxed atmosphere, how clearly things were explained to us and the professionalism of our teacher whilst still being approachable and friendly. Oh, and the snacks!! We would recommend the course to any pregnant couple we come across, we are feeling so confident and excited for baby’s birth now. It helped BOTH of us realise our fears and eliminate them. I also think the relaxation techniques have helped me through my pregnancy and will be valuable for the future.

  • We did the Babies in Waiting course in preparation for the birth of our second child as we wanted a more natural birth and were interested in learning relaxation techniques.

    The techniques we learnt were invaluable- both for keeping me calm before the birth (especially as our baby was so 'overdue') and using the breathing techniques during the birth. I would recommend this course to every expectant mum and her birth partner and would like to thank Babies in Waiting for all their help and invaluable advice. Thanks.

  • A lovely experience for pregnant mums and a great opportunity to meet other like-minded women.

  • Very good course, positive and open attitudes. It was very useful.

  • Excellent course enjoyable, positive always look forward to it.

  • The birth partners learn so much and feel comfortable to ask questions. You wouldn't get that on any other course.

  • Brilliant course in a relaxing environment.

  • I thought the Babies in Waiting course was absolutely fantastic. It has completely made me realise there is no reason to be afraid of giving birth, it is the most natural thing in the world. I love the audio and the journal. I would most definitely recommend the Babies in Waiting team to anyone I know who falls pregnant in the future.